Bribie Island is one of the most desirable places to own a home in Australia. Given its warm climate and close proximity to the Brisbane and the International Airport, the Moreton Bay Islands and the Sunshine Coast, it becomes a tropical playground. With its surf beach, Pumicestone Passage and the myriad system of canals, Bribie is one of the most affordable places to own an island residence.

Where else can you dock your boat right in front of your address, or with many boat ramps so near? Bribie Island is where the views go on “forever”.

Looking after all your real estate needs including both holiday and permanent property management services.

Our story and purpose

Discover Our Story - Bringing Quality and Trust to Bribie Island Real Estate

Kayla and Andrew, the heart and soul behind Bribie Island Real Estate. Born and raised on this beautiful island, their ties to the community run deep, shaping their passion for real estate and their commitment to providing exceptional service to their neighbours and friends.

Both Kayla and Andrew attended school on Bribie Island, where they formed cherished memories and lifelong connections. Their families are locals, and now, they are raising their own daughter here, instilling in her the same love and appreciation for the island lifestyle that they hold dear.

Kayla's journey into real estate began right after graduating school. With a natural knack for the industry, she dove headfirst into the world of real estate, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience in all areas of the field. Andrew, on the other hand, spent eight years as a tradesman before discovering his passion for sales and his enjoyment in working with people.

In 2021, Kayla and Andrew tied the knot. Two years later they welcomed their daughter into the world and took the leap and purchased Bribie Island Real Estate, a decision fuelled by their desire to bring high-quality, honest, reliable, and trustworthy service to their beloved community.

Their goal is simple yet profound: to elevate the real estate industry on Bribie Island by providing unparalleled service and fostering positive changes that benefit both residents and visitors alike.

Kayla and Andrew are dedicated to growing the tourism industry on the island by offering accommodation packages and retreats, showcasing the island's beauty to travellers from near and far.

But their commitment goes beyond business. Kayla and Andrew have deep roots within the community, actively participating in local events, supporting local businesses, and giving back whenever they can. For them, Bribie Island isn't just a place to work—it's home, and they are determined to make it better each day.

Join Kayla and Andrew on their journey as they continue to make a difference in the real estate industry and the community they call home. With their unwavering dedication and genuine passion, the future of Bribie Island Real Estate is brighter than ever before!


The friendly and experienced team at Bribie Island Real Estate are here to help

With so many years of experience within the Bribie Island Real Estate team, you can be assured that we know Bribie Island from the inside out. Who better to help you find your own home in paradise and assist you through the process in obtaining it?