Kayla Hill

Principal/Holiday Rental Specialist

A dynamic leader and principal business owner in the real estate industry. With over a decade of hands-on experience, Kayla is renowned for her friendly demeanour, positive outlook, and unparalleled expertise. Having navigated various avenues within real estate, including sales, permanent rentals, and holiday rentals, Kayla possesses a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape. Her diverse skill set enables her to provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of her clients. Driven by strong values of integrity and excellence, Kayla is on a mission to redefine the standards of real estate service. She is unwavering in her commitment to offering honest, reliable, and efficient service, ensuring that every client receives the utmost care and attention. Kayla’s energy and focus are directed towards challenging the stereotypes and improving the reputation of the real estate industry. With a proactive approach, she strives to exceed expectations and deliver positive experiences that inspire trust and confidence. Outside of her professional endeavours, Kayla finds joy in her family life on the island, where she resides with her daughter and husband. Their shared adventures keep her grounded and fulfilled, providing balance to her busy schedule. As a principal and business owner, Kayla is not just a leader in the real estate industry but a trusted partner dedicated to achieving success for her clients and community. With Kayla at the helm, you can trust that your real estate journey will be guided by expertise, integrity, and a genuine commitment to excellence.